Automatic tower solution for lasermachines with flying optics

The ASF EU automatic storage and retrieval system can be configured based on your needs and expectations, and integrated with AMADA laser machines with flying optics. The storage system automates the loading and unloading process of the laser. The tower storage system has a modular configuration, giving the user the ability to customize the number of pallets for raw material and for stacking.

ASF-3015 EU
ASF EU Automatic tower for sheet-metal

Cost-effective and ergonomic

  • Takes care of automatic loading and unloading of sheets to and from lasermachines and stores raw material and worked sheets
  • The utilisation of the lasermachine is optimised thanks to the smooth motion and short exchange time of the cutting pallet
  • Increased productivity by unmanned operation during night shifts and weekend
  • Compact solution, takes up minimal space
  • Easy access for loading/unloading of material
  • Automatic loading/unloading of heavy sheets that are difficult and inefficient to handle manually
  • Easy access for service maintenance work, no sensors or moving parts on the upper part of the tower

Improvements compared to current solutions

  • Improved cycle and pallet exchange time
  • Increased number of pallets shelves
  • Flexible pallet configuration
  • Improved user interface
  • Low noise level (roller chain-> belt on unloading fork)
  • One tower size for several machine types (only different pallet changer models)