Bending Technology
This product is not longer available

The second generation – the ASTRO-100 II NT robotic bending cell series

The proven ASTRO folding cell was continually developed on the basis of experience and adapted to the relevant market requirements. The result is a series of fully automatic press brakes conforming to the last state of technology with a variety of models that can be used for various different tasks. The second-generation ASTRO-100 II NT series of bending cells are able to meet the highest quality standard and impress with their excellent performance characteristics. Even small batches can be economically manufactured.

The second-generation of bending cells ASTRO-100 II NT
The second-generation of bending cells ASTRO-100 II NT
ASTRO-100 II NT bending robot

The ASTRO-100 II NT bending cell is specialised in manufacturing smaller, more complex work pieces, and is therefore the counterpart to the ASTRO-50 Y bending cell, which was designed for larger work pieces. Both bending cells are unique in their homogeneity: press brake and handling robot know-how are both unique to AMADA.

The bending cell ASTRO-100 II NT is a "stand-alone solution" and is only available as a combination of the press brake HDS-1030, the loading and unloading robot ASTRO HP-20, the bending robot ASTRO-100 II NT, and the third-party ASTRO–CAM software .

ASTRO HP-20 unloading robot
ASTRO-100 II NT bending robot
ASTRO HP-20 unloading robot

The ASTRO-100 bending cell robot is mounted to the lower press beam of the press brake and can be moved sideways in a linear fashion across the entire length. Complex workpieces that require several tool stations can therefore be manufactured with ease.

ASTRO-100 II NT PLUS for continual product flow

In order to fulfil the increasing demands on automated press brake systems, the bending cell is available in the "Plus" design with automated gripper changer for the ASTRO-100 robot and the ASTRO-HP 20 robot, as well as an automated tool change system for brake press HDS. Using these options, the aim is to sequentially process different orders, without having to stop the bending cell for manual setup operations.

ASTRO-100 II NT TELUL for complex geometries

All components of the ASTRO-100 II NT TELUL are perfectly compatible with each other and a flawless interface management ensures smooth-running processes. Because of the integrated safety lock it is possible to load and unload parts manually with this model, which may not be bended automatically on other systems. The operator uses the external ASTRO-CAM software (on Windows basis) for convenient automatic calculation of all tool layouts and bending sequences. This allows the shortest programming times and the practical production of small batch sizes starting at less than 50 parts.

The active backstop sensor with potentiometers on the HDS press brake ensures the highest accuracy. Thanks to the servo-hydraulic drive with active deflection compensation, the best bending results are achieved irrespective of the material and the position on the machine. Even parts that cannot be bend automatically because of their complex geometry can be conveniently produced now with the ASTRO-100 II NT TELUL.


  • All components from one source = no interface problems
  • Third-party ASTRO-CAM software with automatic calculation of tool layout and sequence = shortest programming time - even small batch sizes from about 50 parts can be produced productively
  • Active back gauge sensors on the HDS with high precision potentiometers =
  • Servo / hydraulic drive with the HDS active deflection compensation = best bending results independent of the material and the position on the machine
  • Second robot in the cell for loading and unloading increases the net run-time of the bending robot