Bending Technology

Bending Robot BENDAMATIC 100 (BM-100)

  • Bending precision now uniformed for product control
  • Responds to small-lot / varied items production
  • The BM-100 bending robot provides remarkable high speed bending.
  • Expanded patterns, variation of bending shapes.
  • Preventive systems agains processing defect and accident occurrence during
  • Schedule operation available (optional)
AMADA Bending Robot BM-100
Bending Robot BENDAMATIC 100 (BM-100)

Simple Interactive Programming

Interactive programming of product shape eliminates robot teaching. Operators need only to watch the display and input robot motion by interactive programming, and input the required data for the displayed cross-section such as work thickness, flange size, bending angle, and development dimensions.

Sheet metal product shapes
Interactive programming
Interactive robot motion
Interactive programming of the robot motion
CAPS BENDAMATIC 100 - Computer Aided Programming System

Extensive Product Capabilities

The BM-100 bending robot features 6 standard box bending patterns consisting of open and closed versions of 4, 8 and 12 bends.

Amada will continue to expand the standard pattern library. A custom pattern service is also available using the latest in CAD technologies to meet the required specifications.

High Accuracy Positioning

A linear sensor on the NC back gauge was developed to help attain high positional accuracy. By providing actual sheet position information to the robot, it can compensate for any misalignment between the material and the NC back gauge.

Back Gauge
Back Gauge of Bending Robot BM-100
Side Gauge
Side Gauge of Bending Robot BM-100
Gripper for the AMADA Bending robot BM-100

Single Strong Gripper

Features a single hand gripper with a strong, yet small clamp. In spite of its relatively small size, the gripper can hold a 500 mm by 800mm sheet up to 2.3 mm thick, which is about 7.2kg weight. The gripper is designed to be changed easily.

Material Loading & Unloading

The BM-100 bending robot is designed so that the robot may be unmanned, handling the material from pick up to finished part stacking. The control system's structure a llows increased flexibility

BM-100 Bending Robot - loading process
BM-100 Bending Robot - unloading process

Advanced Bending Machine

The advanced general purpose brake FaB with the NC9-R control produces high bending accuracy, due to computer generated designs. The NC9-R has the communications and remote operation features that are required for automated cell operation.

Sheet metal examples
AMADA Bending Robot BM-100 - Sheet metal examples
Bending Robot BM-100 - Stage Bending

Stage Bending

Stage bending is programmed to make intrical bending processes, such as tabs an easy task.

Bending Robot BENDAMATIC 100 (BM-100)

Examples of loading/ unloading system in accordance with production system and scale.

With the manufacturers' need to process many different products, AMADA is pleased to answer inquiries regarding the Bendamatic, the work-feed, and stacking system of completed products.

Bending Robot BM-100 - Examples
Bending Robot BM-100 - Examples
Bending Robot BM-100 - Examples
Bending Robot BM-100 - Examples

Well organized software development, supply system, and expanding shape variation.

Bending Robot sheet metal examples
AMADA Bending Robot BM-100 - Sheet metal examples

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