Bending Technology
TBZ-2523 H
TBZ-2523 H

The machine offers the user outstanding bending quality, the shortest possible setup times due to the automated tool changer, a high degree of operational convenience and simple programming – it is preeminently suited for large volumes (thin, flat parts) and already produces cost effectively from a lot size of 1.

TBZ-2523 H
TBZ-2523 H example part

The TBZ panel bender was designed entirely without hydraulics. Instead, all axes are driven by servo motors. In addition to exceptionally low energy consumption, this system offers an abundance of other benefits in comparison to conventional forming processes: no variation in the bending results and exceptional precision, low maintenance costs, long service intervals, as well as low noise levels.

TBZ-2523 H tool
TBZ-2523 H downholder

When outfitted with the standard range of equipment, loading and unloading on the TBZ-2523 H is performed manually. However, AMADA offers different automation components that can be found in the "Automation" menu. The loading and unloading sides are freely selectable, which enables optimum integration into the user's material flow.

The machine is equipped with the easy-to-use, Windows based, AMNC control system. It can be programmed on the shop floor within only a few seconds.

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