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Christmas Donation 2018

"You are responsible not only for what you do but also for what you do not do."


In our responsibility for people and the environment we do not give Christmas complimentary gifts away to our customers. In place of this we donate to non-profit organisations every year to support them in their responsible work.

As in previous years, we donate to a charity for Christmas. This year we support Médecins sans Frontières (MSF) in their charitable work to help people in need.

When parents can no longer feed their children, natural disasters rage, or entire villages have to flee from violence, the deployment of MSF begins. They provide urgently needed food and treat sick and injured people in need. With their work they save lives - day by day - worldwide. 




Donations of the past years

Donation to the WWF

Mission of the WWF: Conservation of biological diversity worldwide - a living planet for us and our children.

The WWF is the largest and most influential environmental organisation in Germany, acting worldwide with worldwide publicity. The national and international projects help the organisation to achieve the WWF goals and prove that the conservation and responsible use of natural resources are compatible with sustainable economic development.

The WWF makes internationally an effective contribution to the preservation of biological diversity, uniqueness and beauty of nature in selected ecological key regions.


Donation to Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) (Doctors without bordes) is an international, independent, medical humanitarian organisation that delivers emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, natural disasters and exclusion from healthcare. MSF offers assistance to people based on need, irrespective of race, religion, gender or political affiliation.

Their actions are guided by medical ethics and the principles of neutrality and impartiality.


(According to the principle of "donating instead of giving", AMADA donated to MSF in Christmas 2016).

Donation to CARE

Care is located in 90 countries around the world to ensure that poverty is overcome and victims of disasters can survive. Especially important for CARE is equality between men and women and the special promotion of women and girls, where they are systematically disadvantaged.

(AMADA donates 2015 to the project "Global refugee relief", CARE Deutschland-Luxemburg e. V.)

Source: (German)

Transport vehicle of the Haaner Tafel in front of the AMADA Solution Center
Transport vehicle of the Haaner Tafel in front of the AMADA Solution Center

Donation to the Haaner Tafel

The project Haaner Tafel organized by SKFM e.V. is a local contribution of social committed people who have made it their mission to collect surplus and donated food and pass it to people in need. The aim is to give people in difficult circumstances the possibility to participate in the life of our society.

In recent years AMADA donated also to the following non-profit organisations:

  • WWF
  • SOS Children´s Villages
  • Aktion Mensch
  • Children´s hospice "Regenbogenland"