AMADA Precision Sheet Metal Technology Fair

Every year the "AMADA Precision Sheet Metal Technology Fair" will take place again. Since 1989, the event is gaining in importance, which the increasing number of participation - even internationally - is reflected by.

During the event, customers sample parts of different processing technologies are presented, expressing a high level of expertise. The development shows the technological progress which is perfectly communicated and emphasized, thanks to this platform in the industry.

The sheet metal parts are submitted will be awarded by a jury made up of economic institutions, industry associations and visitors. The categories are:

  1. sheet metal parts
  2. welding fabrication
  3. sheet metal assemble parts
  4. formative arts fabrication
  5. students´fabrication

In addition to the top three also special awards from ministries, associations and AMADA will be awarded.

In addition to many international submissions for the first-fourth category, notable parts from "trainees and students" submitted for the fifth category. That arouses high expectations for the future of sheet metal processing.

This competition shows the current technical possibilities and controls the further development of the industry.