05.11 - 08.11.2013

Review – Blechexpo 2013

Very positive, we look back to the latest Blechexpo show. This exhibition has established itself alongside the EuroBLECH in Hannover as an outstanding exhibition for sheet metal working. From the first day we were able to record a high number of visitors, which was consistently classified as a very high quality.

The number of international visitors has fortunately increased greatly, which will make the Blechexpo in the international comparison significantly more important.

More than pleasant was the number of spontaneous contracting. Several million euros were the successful sales result of this exhibition.

We would like to thank all the visitors who have made this show so much favorable by their visits and the interesting technical discussions.

Overview of Blechexpo

EG-6013 AR bending cell

Blechexpo 2013

An all-rounder in the world of bending thanks to automatic robotic Systems.

Based on its many years of experience of automated bending with the ASTRO series, AMADA has developed a new bending cell which it will be presenting at Blechexpo. The EG-6013 AR is equipped with an extremely flexible automatic robotic system and innovative sensor systems in the backgauge.

FLW-4000 M3 fiber laser

Welding of challenging material combinations made easy

The AMADA fiber laser technology, which has already proven its worth for laser cutting, opens up completely new areas of application for laser welding: User-friendly FLW-4000 M3 efficiently and accurately welds together materials
with very different melting points and high reflectance values.

AMADA FLC-3015 AJ fiber laser cutting machine

Blechexpo 2013

New standards in speed and precision in the top of the mid-range segment

AMADA will be presenting the FLC-3015 AJ, a new, versatile, highly efficient laser cutting machine with a 2 kW fiber laser. This machine allows thin sheets and difficult-to-cut materials such as copper, aluminum or titanium to be machined quickly, reliably and precisely.

HD-1003 ATC press brake

Blechexpo 2013

With automatic tool changer for extremely small runs

User-friendly HD-1003 ATC makes it possible: economic and efficient manufacturing of complex parts with top-class accuracy – whatever the run size.

HG-Serie Hybrid Press Brake

The latest generation of bending machines for the high-end segment

With its HG series, AMADA has developed a range of press brakes offering press forces of between 500 and 2,200 kN and press beam lengths between 1,400 and 4,280 mm to cover a broad spectrum of performance requirements. Their ultramodern features and servohydraulic hybrid drives mean that they are particularly cost-efficient in operation.