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SAVE the best for last: Topics of the AMADA SOLUTION's special edition in February

At the end of the business year, we present a special promotion in-house show, exhibiting our excellencence in technical innovation of 2017/2018. Enjoy the German premiere of our brand new compact bending machine for the facturing of especially small parts. It is our pleasure to welcome you, at our SOLUTION Center in Haan. 

Meet your industry colleagues and exchange with experts on your production issues. As you have grown accustomed from AMADA, we support you with advice and action, whether that may be considering single disciplines of your daily production routine, the linkage of single production steps or the systematic inclusion of automation to shorten production times.  

Please find a detailed description of the exhibited technologies below

Bending Maschine Special: German premiere of HFE-5012 M2 EVO

You are particularly active in the bending field? Learn more about our brand new bending machine HFE-5012 M2 EVO. As a machine special, this compact and economic expansion type will be presented exclusively at this month's SOLUTION. Especially well suited for small bending parts, it completes our Bending machine portfolio 

Through its enormous adaptability, the hydraulical press is ideal for a high production bandwidth of smalll bending parts and material strengths. The productive interplay between hydraulic drive and inverter it the HFE-5012 M2 EVO is in the same time an energy - and a cost saver. 

Feel free to speak with our bending specialists at any time. Furthermore, many other machine highlights will be featured in our Show Room, too.

Laser cutting and - welding: AMADA's technologies raise the bar in cutting quality, burr-freeness and material protection while processing

Fiber laser

Experience the peculiar technical progress in-house at AMADA's. We constantly invest in scientifical research, to push our laser technology's progress. Our own developed laser beam sources contribute to the ongoing optimization of sheet metal processing based on laser technology.

Convince yourself of the new lasers' powerful performance: Energy-saving and with unprecedented precision energiesparend our new expansion types of the Ensis AJ-  und LCG AJ- series process thin and thick sheet metal effortlessly. Another complete novelty comes in combination of an Ensis AJ laser module  with a tube and profile cutting unit - the Ensis AJ RI. 


You mostly process surface sensitive materials or put your production emphasis on thin sheet metal and long for almost scratch free production, highest cutting qualities and burr-freeness? Get to know the Lernen LC ALPHA V, our new CO2 Laser machine, for material treatment  „with white gloves“ – for almost impecable results!


Highest precision is also the leading principle in laser welding technology. Through the proven Weaving-method and the variable beam modulation, even biggest welding gaps are succesfully being closed with neat quality seams. The FLW ENSIS with its new M5 shutter table now enables parallel loading and working. 

Rapid punching speeds at lowest energy consumption – Large format now also for entry level

By using the energy recovery principle, the new punching machine AE-2610 makes prcessing huge formats cost-effective and easy. Its rapidity is surprising, reaching up to 70% of the stroke speed of the EM series  - for the price of an Entry Level machine. 

Take a look at our fast and effective punch laser combination machine and our High End level series with highest stroke speeds.