Laser Technology


Full linear drive lasermachine with beam control and autonomous functions

The REGIUS-3015AJ fibre laser cutting machine integrates 3-axis linear drive, AMADA's originalVariable Beam Control Technology, the new Laser Integration System (LIS) functions and easyoperation.The extremely high speed, precise accuracy of full linear drive technology maximizes machinepotential and minimizes downtime. Common processing issues are solved thanks to severalautonomous functions such as automatic beam centring and advanced process monitoring,enabling a shift to next level laser processing.

Variable beam control technology

AMADA's original Variable Beam Control Technology automatically adapts the laser beam mode (not just spot size and focalpoint) incrementally to perfectly match the material and thickness being processed. The beam mode can also be instantlychanged between piercing and cutting to bring the benefit of high speed piercing and increased productivity.

Full 3-axis linear drive

Linear drive technology provides very high point-to-point positioning speeds whilst also retaining the ability to provide very highaccuracy, even at these increased speeds. Closed loop feedback ensures the accuracy remains consistent at all times.The REGIUS-3015AJ also features intelligent head control which further improves the machine productivity by looking ahead to thenext profile to be processed and calculating the most efficient motion.

Laser integration system (LIS)

The new Laser Integration System incorporates several autonomous features to allow the REGIUS to perform at the highest levels of efficiency with minimal operator input, allowing less skilled employees to be utilized.

The i-Nozzle Checker has 3 automatic functions: Nozzle condition check, nozzle centring and beam condition check.

3 other LIS functions are:i-Process Monitor,Automatic CollisionRecovery and i-OpticsSensor (protection glassmonitoring).