Punch-Laser Combination
EML-3610 NT
Sheet metal processing center EML-3610

AMADA's EML Z sheet metal processing center not only offers punching and laser technology in one machine: The combination of semi-flying optics with the patented servo electric punch drive and a punching force of 300 kN attains an entirely new level of flexibility and energy efficiency.

Punching tools come into use as soon as punching can be carried out faster than the cutting process using a laser. Forming work can be carried out especially efficiently using the "Punch & Forming" function. With regard to free contours, the laser, rated at a laser output of 2500 or 4000 Watt, is the better and faster tool. The number of costly special tools is also considerably reduced by the alternative option of laser cutting.

EML combination machine (punching & laser)

Flexibility can be so fast

The new Amada sheet metal processing center EML Z stands for the highest flexibility in the processing of up to 6-mm thick sheets in medium and large format. High productivity and optimal sheet utilization are achieved by the step-less adjustment of the clamping claws on the material slide. The EML Z accepts no compromises in its punching operations: With 780 punching strokes per minute, which can even be increased to 1500 in the marking mode, top values are achieved, as also with more than 410 strokes per minute at a hole clearance of 25.4 mm.

Vacuum suctioning in the matrix, known as the air-jet vacuum, prevents the punching slugs from being pulled up even at the highest stroke frequencies. In this way, quality improvement is also achieved along with output maximization. Variable punching requires a variety of tools directly at hand - which the EML Z with 45 stations in the Z-turret easily makes possible. Even larger geometries - at tool diameters of up to 114.3 mm - can be prepared in one stroke.

EML & PR III unloading system
EML punch laser combination machine with PR III unloading system
EML & L III sheet metal loading system
EML punch laser combination machine with L III sheet metal loading system

Full of power thanks to energy stores

Servo-electric double drive

The heart of the sheet metal processing center EML Z is the trendsetting servo-electric double drive - which is probably the most efficient drive method for high productivity at low operating costs. While the power requirements for hydraulic punching machines with increased stroke frequencies increase in bounds, the EML Z in the punching mode at a punching force of 300 kN barely requires 7 kW at full power (stand-by mode 1 kW) - and remains nearly maintenance and wear free. The low power requirements of the punching device result from the energy recovery principle. With every motor braking process, the excessive energy is buffered and reused for renewed acceleration.

The AMNC control system ensures extremely high operational convenience, and, thanks to the option of creating an internal network of all AMADA machines, the system facilitates communication with other machine tools involved in the production process.

The Z-turret concept

Turret of the sheet metal processing center EML Z
The Z-turret achieved very quickly and easily the punching tools

Therefore, tool replacement is essentially no longer needed. If a manual change should nevertheless be needed one day, this can be achieved very quickly and easily on the Z-turret. The new sheet metal processing center is also flexible in a variety of other options: with its integrated manufacturing processes for high-quality shaping (punch & forming), a multiplex threading unit with four inserts of M 2.5 to M 6 as well as a variety of removal concepts for individual parts.

With practically flying laser for higher speed

The combined punching and laser technology does not just allow clearly more complex tasks to be managed - it also achieves this in a much shorter time and at notably lower operating costs. If on occasion a workpiece geometry cannot be punched because the process is too expensive or cannot be easily achieved, then the laser comes into use. And up to now that has not been the case for a combined punching-laser machine: an integrated laser system, which works according to the principle of semi-flying optics. This novelty achieves faster cutting speeds and offers the process-secure usage of a final separation cut as the last operation when part sorting systems are involved.

EML punch laser combination machine
EML punch laser combination machine
EML punch laser combination machine
EML punch laser combination machine