Data transfer software

DNC5 provides options to transfer NC programs in machines without network connectivity. The software uses the RS232 port and serves as an interface between the programming software and the machine control. The software eliminates elaborate manual entering of programs at the machine. This saves time and minimizes the potential for errors.

Remote mode

In remote mode, the DNC5 software can communicate with several machines at the same time. Each machine has its own configuration and can query program data via DNC5. The respective data is provided to the machine placing the query. Each individual program or a program list is transferred to the machine control per the processing mode at the machine. The user can then view the program to be transferred on a PC based list or request it from the machine (remote).

On machines with tape mode operation, the software provides the option to process the work directly from the DNC5 system hard drive, eliminating machine memory limitations. The respective number of program repetitions is entered into the DNC5 program listing.

The software's flexibility is also of great value with regard to configurations. An example for this are punch-press programs that were prepared with LINEA5 software, the tools for which could easily be in stations other than the current turret. DNC5 solves this problem by allowing the user to quickly and conveniently adapt the program to the existing configuration.


  • Data transfers save time compared to manual entry
  • Increased reliability due to data transfer
  • Simple operation
  • Multi-machine management
  • Flexible configuration options