Materials management for rack systems and machines with FMC control

FMS manages the material, the pallets, as well as the storage and retrieval stations of the CS300 rack system. The program also performs the automated feeding and retrieval of the required pallet to systems with automated loading and unloading function. These pallets can be designated for material supply, as well as part and residual scrap retrieval. The pallet locations can be fixed, or can be independently assigned by FMS.

The parameters, the material amount and the material type, as well as the respective part configurations are known for each pallet.

The program scope also includes the visualization of the rack system, the status management for the locations, and the color management for the various pallet types.

The material is stored and retrieved to/from the rack system based on the storage and retrieval stations. The FMS automatically creates the transportation instruction for the rack control system. Each station has a job queue into which the user can enter several pallet requests. The rack control system then automatically processes the job queue in sequence.

FMS is equipped with an interface that can transmit finished part information to an ERP system.


  • System is tuned for FMC software
  • Increased machine utilization
  • Automated management increases reliability
  • Option for customer specific instructions