Metal Designer 3D
Metal Designer 3D

2D-CAD system, specially designed for sheet metal production

The MetalDesigner 2D-CAD software includes special functions for sheet metal production, and has interfaces for importing and exporting files in DXF and DWG formats. In addition, other optional import functions are available, such as Step and IGES.

Drawings created using MetalDesigner are ideal for use with the LINEA5 CAM software. Both programs can be combined, allowing drawings to be directly processed from LINEA5 using the MetalDesiger, and all changes to be directly transferred to LINEA5.

The CAD systems converts polylines into lines and vectors and supports the shapes* that can be directly recognized by LINEA5. It can also create grids from simple patterns. The MetalDesigner can use engravings, as well as laser-ready letras and laser fonts and system fonts. Last but not least, the program has default functions for tab removal and corner functions.

* Shapes are default profiles that are stored in the machine control using only a single line of G-code.


  • Simple operation
  • Shortened design time
  • Optimized for AMADA CAM software