88° -

Bending of closed and deep U-channels

Stamps with standard 88 ° - and 90 ° - angle. Optimized for closed square profiles. The blade can be folded for ease of removal of the profiles sideways pulled out of the holder.

By stable design, the deflection of the die insert is limited to a minimum.

88° -

88°  - Punch,Profile Bendingpunch,C00010,C00010,88°,42CrMo4,Through hardened,Profile Bendingpunch,STANDARD
TypeProfile Bendingpunch
Height36.00 mm
Width36.00 mm
Pressure250 kN/m
Hardness0 - 0 HRC
Through hardened

Only on request

Radius 0.6 mm
 LengthOrder number Weight
200 mmC00010C00010-