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TS 86 K
TS 86 K
This product is not longer available

Comfortable spot welding

The TS-86 K series makes spot welding a breeze. The machines have been constantly upgraded, and, now in their third generation, compel with a host of benefits and an additional model.

In addition to the already proven H-version with a horizontal welding electrode, the new HV version has a horizontal as well as a vertical welding electrode, achieving even better ergonomics and accuracy. The also new cable control is now designed with a spreader arm, greatly simplifying handling.

The generously dimensioned copper table forms the lower electrode in all versions of the series. Depending on need, the welding spot can be set using a trigger at the welding gun or the foot pedal.

The quality of the welding spots is outstanding. In part, this is achieved through the water-cooled electrode and the freely programmable welding parameters. The antioxidation system is used for stainless materials. In these cases, welding is performed in an inert atmosphere, avoiding decoloration at the welding spots.

It is also possible to weld studs or nuts with the machine.

The quality of welding points
Spot welding of nuts
Quality of spots
  • Heavy, bulky workpieces can handle ergonomically. Committee is avoided.

This product is not longer available

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