Blank Solution Pack Punch Basic 3i


The course is aimed at programmers who are familiar with the software VPSS 3i Blank Solution Pack.

Purpose of the training:

  • Generating stamping programmes
  • Manual intervention and automatic optimizing of stamping processes
  • Generation of production plans
  • Converting external file formats for preparation for the stamping process


  • English or German language
  • Basic knowledge of mathematics
  • Experience using the Windows™ operating system
  • Basic knowledge of sheet metal processing
  • Prior attendance to the Technology & Use of Punch Basic course or comparable practical knowledge


Introduction to and cooperation of all components from the software VPSS 3i Blank Solution Pack

Data Explorer

  • Control centre and administration interface for individual parts with and without technology allocation, machining programmes, production lists and schedules
  • Adding a server (vSDD/SDD)
  • Differences between databases
  • Creating directories

      Material Explorer

      Creating and administering material types, material thicknesses, sheet metal panels and bending allowance data

      Parameter Explorer

      • Creating and configuring a machine with VPSS 3i compatible controller
      • Structuring a tool library and entering tool data
      • Administration and adaptation of parameters for automatic technology allocation

        ABE Planner

        • Option for compiling production lists from different sources (DXF/DWG, SDD or VSDD) and their import options for further stamping programming in blank CAM.
        • Manual and automatic programme generation
        • Information and messages inside the ABE planner

          Blank CAM

          • Generating and storing one or more individual parts with technology allocation
          • Generating and storing one or more nestings
          • Optimizing the machining result as automatic machining parameters in Parameter Explorer
          • Optimizing the machining result as manual machining parameters in blank CAM

              Production Designer

              • Interface to the "outside world"
              • Significance of software as a conversion tool
              • Production-specific preparation of parts and further machining with blank CAM
              • Importing a very wide variety of 3D formats, generation and storage in the format needed (DXF/DWG, VSDD and SDD) in each case
              • Importing 2D boards and generating a 3D model
              • Importing orthographic views and generating a 3D model
              • Handling parts with deformations

                        SDD and AP100 2D CAD training course on request.

                        No. of attendees:

                        2 - 6 attendees

                        Training duration Training location Training costs
                        5 Days AMADA School in Haan Price on request