Technological advancement within the Press Brake Industry

Within the Press Brake market, the important factors are bending accuracy and repeatability irrespective of the bending length, thickness or material type. In the past it was very difficult to maintain consistent accuracy and repeatability without continual machine adjustment. This resulted in lower productivity, higher production costs and ultimately reduced profit for the user.
Amada with its long association and experience in the field of bending technology has introduced a new range of press brakes, the APX series. Available from 50 to 125 tonnes, the APX is equipped with a unique guaranteeing bending accuracy. The APX with its higher productivity and accuracy will give the user a competitive edge in the bending field.

High performance backgauge rail

This is made of extruded aluminium alloy and has been exclusively designed for Amada. The use of this technology results in a very light but strong and rigid moving element, giving maximum speed and maintaining long term accuracy. High precision: R1 - R2 axes. Whatever the shape of the part to be made and the progress of its profile, the GNG unit calculates the optimum position of the finger stops.

Perfect solution for multi bed set-ups - Z1 & Z2 axes, positioning over the full machine length

The two moving finger stops are independently programmable over the full length of the backgauge rail. The operator can work on any part of the beam without restrictions. The high speed of the backgauge movement ensures that the operator is never waiting even when changing the finger pitch or positions for each bend.

Operateur control

By introducing this new type of CNC control, Amada has attained a unique degree of utilization and simplicity. Once again Amada provides a complete forming system: Machine, CNC Control and tooling in one package.

Interactive management within the bending environment

The hydraulic APX press brake achieves total efficiency and control during the bending cycle. From concept, Amada has researched and developed the unique UAS (Upstroking Advance System) for use exclusively on the APX machines.

  • Automatic correction of the y axis beam parallelism
    Difference in the throat opening under off-centre loading
  • Total force control
    A centrally balanced force acting equally across the entire beam. The force is distributed uniformly along the full bending length to give extremely accurate results.
  • Constant parallelism
    Each cylinder is controlled independently and has its own proportiorial control, linear scale and pressure sensor to adjust the force in relation to the work piece being formed. The accuracy is absolute. The deformation sensor mounted on the upper beam continu ally monitors the elastic deformation and feeds this information back to the control. This ensures perfectly accurate bending results.