Easy operation due to large touch screen

The AMNC 3i control unit is the further development of the AMNC controller can be operated now simply via a large 18.5" touch screen, so it is easy to see all the required information at a single look. Easy operation, reduced setup time, new features to support the component quality and management activities have all been incorporated.

AMNC 3i controller
AMNC 3i controller with 18.5" touch screen display

With “AMNC3i”, 4 intelligence evolved:

  1. Smart Operation: The big screen and improved operability made it possible to offer operational feeling based on the intuition of a user
  2. Optimal external setup: the information required for the process can be confirmed very easily.
  3. Intelligent Processing: The real time process can be displayed and confirmed.
  4. Automated Maintenance: The history of running machine can be viewed by both customer and Amada. Remote diagnosis makes Preventive maintenance possible.
Smart operation
Optimal external setup
Intelligent processing
Automated maintenance
The concept of 3i is 'Intelligent, Interactive, Integrated'

The concept of 3i is 'Intelligent, Interactive, Integrated'

“Intelligent” to support the manufacturing process:

  • smart operation
  • optimum external setup
  • intelligent processing
  • automated maintenance.

“Interactive” and “Integrated” to support the manufacturing process:

  • Connection with the entire processing area
  • Connection between the programming room and the factory floor
  • Enhance ability to get an order and to make a proposal
  • Production support

The VPSS3i and AMNC3i will be the system to support digitalized sheet metal manufacturing from 2014.

Easy workflow between programming and machine

The AMNC 3i controller is ready to connected to the AMADA SDD Server (SDD = Data Management Server) via Ethernet. The SDD Server contains all production data such as part drawing, tool setup, bending sequence and the machine program and makes this data available to the machines and programming workstations on demand. This means that all information is managed centrally.