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Servo / Hydraulic Bending Press Brake

An ultra-high precision, down-acting system featuring advanced hydraulics that provide the ultimate in positioning accuracy.

Independent AC-servo motors drive high efficiency, bi-directional hydraulic pumps

High efficiency bi-directional hydraulic pumps
  • Extremely fast approach, bending and return speeds - provide faster cycle times and result in more parts per hour
  • Hybrid drive system incorporates AC servo motor driven bi-directional, high efficiency pumps providing high speed ram movement and super accurate ram repeatability. This advanced design offers quick setup, high-speed operation, and increased throughput
  • Unequalled ram positioning. Repeatability of ±0.00004˝.
  • Programmable ram tilting and 50% off-center bending capacity allows for quick set-up of multiple stage part bending.
  • CNC controlled hydraulic cylinders located in lower beam eliminate tool shimming due to ram deflection.
  • The Windows XPe embedded, touch screen control provides for transfer of tool setup data, bend sequences, and 3D simulation between control and network server.
  • Super accurate, high speed 5-axis backgauge reduces positioning time and easily handles staging of complex parts.
  • Low power consumption - hydraulic pump motors are on only when the ram is moving.
  • Stable hydraulic oil temperature ensures consistent angular accuracy.
  • Less hydraulic oil and fewer oil changes required.
  • Very low noise level.

Multiple Axis Backgauge

Specifications vary depending on machine model
5-axis backgauge
  • 5-axis backgauge speeds set-up for complex parts.
  • High-speed movement on all axes ensures that the gauge fingers are positioned as quickly as the operator positions the part.
  • Independent servo drives for "L" axis allow tapered bends.
  • Tool navigator software positions backgauge where each tool needs to be installed, shortening the tool installation process.
  • Unprecedented positioning repeatability ±0.0001˝.
  • Extended gauging allows for up to a 27.5˝ flange dimension.
  • Low profile design enables part positioning over the top of the backgauge.

CNC Hydraulic Bed Crowning

CNC Hydraulic Bed Crowning
  • Hybrid drive control of bed-crowning hydraulic cylinders. (Number of crowning cylinders varies depending on machine model)
  • AMNC-PC control automatically calculates positioning of cylinders based on program data such as bend length, material type, thickness, tooling and part position along bed.
  • Eliminates the time-consuming process of shimming tools caused by upper and lower bed deflection.
  • For automatic adjustment, the control allows entry of actual bend angle (at ends and center of part). Adjustments are also possible by control-mounted handwheel.

AMNC/PC – PC Control with Network Capabilities

AMNC/PC - Press brake control
Press brake control with network capabilities
  • Amada's AMNC-PC control with touch screen offers multiple modes of data entry (angle, depth, 2D and 3D) for maximum programming flexibility. Graphic tool library and tool set-up graphics assist operator in quick set-up of complicated parts.
  • 3D graphics of machine, tooling and part, assist the operator in quick set-up and part sequencing/handling (available when machine is programmed offline with Amada's Dr. Abe Bend software).
  • When the control is networked, Amada's SDD database software enables storage on the control or a server - providing secure storage of machine set-up and program data.
  • Bar code scanner provides easy and immediate retrieval of Dr. Abe Bend programs from the network server.
  • Adjustment of all machine axes can be accomplished through use of control mounted handwheel.

One Touch Punch Holders & Precision Ground Tooling

  • Innovative "one touch" punch holders ensure faster tool set-up.
  • Rotation of lever locks punch into place - no need for wrench.
  • Precision ground, sectionalized tools are easy to handle and eliminate shimming.
  • Quick change dies eliminate need to align punch and die when a die is changed

CS Clamp

  • Seat and secure punches with the turn of a single switch.
  • One switch activates all of the punch holders across the bed ofthe machine.
  • Load and unload sectionalized punches from the front of the holder.
  • Increase safety with the drop-prevention mechanism.
  • Punches stay secure in the holder with the clamps in the open position.
  • Quick disconnect allows for easy removal of each punch holder.
  • Safety mechanism allows for continuous clamping in the event of a power failure.
HDS-1030 press brake
HDS-1030 press brake
HDS-2204 press brake
HDS-2204 press brake
HDS-5020 press brake
HDS-5020 press brake
HDS-8025 press brake
HDS-8025 press brake

Modular Tooling System

  • Automatic Tool Alignment - upper and lower holders are hydraulically activated to align tools automatically (no bolts to tighten).
  • Drop Prevention System - safety click buttons make tool changes safer and faster and protects tools from damage caused by dropping.
  • Standardized Tool Heights - allow for more accurate stage bending and part repeatability.
  • Punch and Die Reversibility - the ability to mount the punch in the lowerbeam and the die in the upper beam, provides greater versatility when formingcomplex parts.
  • Reduced Set-up Time - the Amada Modular Tooling System is engineered toreduce set-up time by 80%.
  • Easy Tool Selection and Positioning - all sections of tools are marked for quick identification. Tools are easily positioned by hand anywhere along the beam of the machine.
AMADA - Modular press brake tooling system

Improved Safety and Reduced Labor Costs

Automated work follower system for press brakes
HDS press brakes with an automated Work Follower system

To enhance performance while improving operator safety, HDS Series press brakes can be equipped with an automated Work Follower system.

  • Sensor technology provides simple operation without the need forprogramming by the brake operator.
  • After bending starts, an automated table follows and supports thematerial throughout the bending process - eliminating part deformation.
  • Previously, processing large parts required two operators. The WF Serieseliminates the need for a second operator while providing faster andsafer transfer of material.
  • Provides easy handling and processing of various part geometries.



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