Laser machine AMADA LCV-2412β II

Powerful machine high in productivity

  • Continuous operation is available without monitoring.
  • Effective operation with minimized arranging time.
  • Greatly reduced running cost.
  • The intensive dust collector effectively collects dust.
  • Any system according to you plan may be selected.



Grid style table

A very attractive feature of this machine is the grid style table, this style table makes it easier to handle various piece configurations ranging from thin to thick sheet steel to more complicated pieces such as pipe stock or curved surfaces the blade table allows unattended continuous operation, and allows the system to be configured for the task at hand .

High productivity, low running cost

With an RF discharge excitation laser oscillator, the consumption rate of laser gas goes down to 1/3 (one-third) , and electrodes do not wear while the optical system can enjoy a much Ionger service life. These help reduce the running cost.

FF clamp (optional)

The clamp is pulled in to the height of the path line when the materials are brought in. As there is no projection observed, the materials may be brought in readily from the clamp side as well.

High-speed sensor HS-98

The gap between work and cutting head may be noncontact maintained constant. An NC special port for "Z" axis allows high-speed follow-up.

Cooling cut (optional)

Misty water is sprayed on to the surface of work to prevent the material temperature from rising so that the work may be laser machined in steady manner. A dual type noise of a specific shape was developed to provide misty water in a minimum quantity needed.

Rotary index table (optional)

Machining may be carried out readly according to NC date produced by an automatic programming device, including the combination of pipes.

Waste particle collection system

Fine dust particles are effectively eliminated through the use of a waste particle collection system.

Clean cut

A high-quality method of cutting to prevent stainless steel from discoloring and oxidation at the cut .

Easy cut

Nitrogen extracted from the air is used as assist gas. It works best on bonderized steel sheet. Effective to reduce assist gas cost.

NC focusing system

The focus lens inside the cutting head moves automatically with NC control.

NC gas pressure control

It is important to control gas pressure for the cutting of different materials and thicknesses. The pressure of assist gas is put under closed NC whose cutting conditions are filed.

Chip conveyor

It is prossible to choose a simple Y-axis chip conveyor or a large-scale X-axis chip conveyor.

Easy operation

The CNC unit is the latest 32-bit configuration fully equipped with a high-speed and high - accuracy processing function like an advanced preview control. In addition, a single switch enables the laser oscillator to start and power supply to shut oft, eliminating troublesome operating steps .

Cutting condition, setting function


Data on processing conditions of up to 10 kinds can be registered for each of materials of 90 kinds, including piercing and marking-off. The operator can readily change the processing conditions as he is monitoring the state of processing. Data on the changed processing conditions may be registered as they are.

Cutting restart function

In detecting an anomaly in cutting, this function can be used to stop processing automatically, memorize the position, return the cutting head to restart position and restart cutting.

Approach & edge processing function

By NC data setting, it can automatic ally judge the approach portion and edge portion do control the optimal processing conditions.

Laser oscillators

  1. Electrodes enjoy a Iong service life thanks to the RF discharge system.
  2. A lower consumption rate of laser gas (10 l/h, C-1500, C-2000)
  3. NC-based check is given to the oscillator for operating condition.
  4. Ail-Solid-State power supply establishs a higher reliability.


It is expected that sheet metal processing will be carried out using more and more advanced techniques in a wider range of processing. In addition, work will be more diversified. This is why a more systematic and automatic way of processing becomes important to satisfy all kinds of needs in a flexible manner, including a small production lot of many kinds and mass production.

Amada is proud to say that sincere and constant efforts will be made to establish not only a production system which promotes the efficiency of operation in a streamlined manner but also a fully automated one.