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Saved Space

With use of the hybrid system, the installation space is reduced by half, compared to the conventional types.

Realize high accuracy compound cuffing with the NCT

The location pin is a device that sets work to the origin point for cutting sketch materials, or carries out compound cutting with the NCT. Difficulties may be experienced, such as an interference with the nozzle or inability of reclamping unless the location pin is below the pass line during cutting. The location pin used to be installed at the origin and be lowered and raised, permitting the pin to sustain a direct attack from the 2000W laser output or to wear against the side of the work every time the location pin was lowered and raised, causing a loss of accuracy in the origin setting pin. To eliminate the problem, LCV-II is equipped with an evacuation type location pin that is set back from the origin while the work is lowered, and is advanced to locate the work, and set the it to origin, thus achieving higher accuracy for the compound cutting with the NCT.

Easy Load-Unload: Sway-back Type Clamp

With a newly developed clamp mounted on the LCV-II series, the clamper moves fore/aft and up/down, making it possible to load- unload the material while keeping it against the locating block. Demanding operation using the conventional clamp where the materials are carried in and out by clearing the clamper is a eliminated. Of course, the compound cutting is also possible by the same origin setting as for the NCT. Since this clamp is applicable for thick plates, the cutting range for nonmetallic materials has been expanded.

Clean Operation Environment: Dust Collector

In the LCV-II series, the table is a movable type which permits the mounting of a very high performance dust collector which increases suction by modifying the duct's contour, etc. This keeps the plant environment always clean, freeing workers from the nuisance of dust, etc. The built-in sensor in the collector prevents dropped products or scraps from being caught or from damaging the table, and prevents the products themselves from being damaged.

Skid Type Table - Thick Plate Application Table

With the pin mounted type table, a maintenance problem was experienced in that the points supporting the material were badly worn due to the laser light and heat. A newly developed skid type table has very high rigidity and is intended for use in cutting large thick plates. In addition, its economic design allows easy replacement .

Operation Panel - Centralized Operation j Ensures Easy Usage

Various operation panels are located in one place so that all operations such as NC program editing, assist gas pressure checks, cutting machine checks, etc. can be done with high efficiency.