HG-1003 HB

A complete solution for high speed, high precision bending requirements

The HG series is a high end bending solution, designed to be versatile and fulfil the requirements of an ever changing production environment. A hybrid drive and rigid frame provide a solid foundation to expand the processing range of your business and cope with future bending applications.In addition to high speed and high precision bending, the HG series provides significant energy savings and an improved user interface. Utilising an 18.5 inch AMNC 3i touch screen interface, even unskilled operators can achieve a target bend angle at the first attempt. This ease of use, combined with additional production enhancing features, all contribute to shorten lead times and deliver high quality bending results.

Presskraft (kN)1000
Pressbalkenlänge (mm)3110
Durchgang zwischen den Maschinenständern (mm)2700
Hub (mm)250
Öffnungsweite ohne Stempelhalter (mm)596
Ausladung (mm)450
Arbeitshöhe (mm)953
Arbeitsgeschwindigkeit (mm/sec)20
Zustellgeschwindigkeit (mm/sec)220
Öffnungsgeschwindigkeit (mm/sec)250

Länge (mm)5490
Breite (mm)2813
Höhe (mm)2990
Gewicht (kg)9100