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LIBRA features non-stop, high-speed processing, making a phenomenal line speed possible.

For punching by turret method, a work sheet is moved back and forth as well as right to left to align with punching positions. To the contrary, LIBRA processes a work sheet sequentially from its edge, so the material only moves forward. With this forward movement, the front X-axis carriage and the rear A-axis carriage reposition to transfer the material, and the processing on the A-axis (the latter half part) will be performed continuously. At the same time as the A-axis processing, the loading (origin set) of the next work will be complete. In this manner,processing will be performed from material to material without pausing. "Highspeed, non-stop, effective tool select processing." This unique method is what all LIBRA is about.

PHNC = (Power Hydraulic Numerical Control)

Numerical Control
Numerical Control

The original hydraulic control system that can flexibiy adjust suficient pressurizing retention time. As the processing edge can be easily changed, it can flexibly react to the depth of fabrication.

High / low pressure switch hydraulic driving method

Using a digital servo valve makes it possible to quickly switch high / low pressure by hydraulic drive and drastically improves the response under hydraulic control, making high hit rate possible. Also, the high / low pressure quick switch reduces punching noise.

High rigidity / bridge frame

Dual structure consists of "bridge frame" which supports the body of the processing machine and "tool block frame" that supports the tool part. This reduces impacts caused by press load such as deflection or thermal deformation, and makes accurate and stable processing possible. Also, high rigidity bridge structure frame reduces and absorbs vibration. With the brush table effect, it drastically reduces the material transfer noise.