Pursued "ease of use" of the LC-ALPHA series - Realized high quality and stable process by new features

AMADA's original table design Laser machine is renewed as 5th generation of ALPHA Ⅴ. ALPHA Ⅴ pursued "ease of use" of the LC-ALPHA series from customer's view point, and realized various upgraded features. High quality and stable production is realized by new features. All-round, compact easy-to-use Laser machine will support customer.

High speed and high quality process

High performance 3.5kW Oscillator with higher beam-focusing capability realized high speed cutting, and improved the quality of cutting surface.

Ease of use

Improved various features to reduce the set-up time, and achieved higher productivity and less load on operator.

AMNC3i controller

Compact design while keeping operability and long size material processing

Traditional space-saving machine & oscillator all-in-one design. Long size material can be processed by re-positioning (Clamps hold the sheet at most suitable position) while avoiding dead-zone and achieving higher yield rate.