Fujinomiya PlantFujinomiya PlantFujinomiya Plant

Fujinomiya Plant

AMADA expanded the Fujinomiya Plant by adding a third factory dedicated to laser machines and a development center. Situated at the base of Mt. Fuji, these facilities serve as a "source of innovations" with a total area of 760,330.5 ㎡and have been renamed the Fujinomiya Works.

Fujinomiya Works is an environmentally friendly, energy saving and high efficiency factory that was built on the concept of "Circulation." There, products are developed and manufactured based on the 3S+E concept (Safety, Security, Surroundings and Energy) and from the customers' viewpoint.

Development Center

At the Development Center, 200 development staff members are resident for theme-based design and development. There are four "Innovation Rooms" where the latest design systems and video equipment are installed, so customers and AMADA's development staff can use the rooms as creation space for developing the cutting-edge metalworking machines. Since modular designs created on 3D CAD allows them to verify the manufacturing from the design stage,high-quality modules have now become available.

Laser-machine-dedicated factory

At Fujinomiya Works, three factories (the First to Third factories) produce metalworking machines with their up-to-date facilities.

Third factory (laser-machine-dedicated factory), which is one of the world's biggest factories, produces up to its production capacity, 140 units/month of laser machines with the latest booth-stand production system.

Parts center

The core facility of our corporate service operation includes an information network linking the large historical service records with global inventories and demands. With a capacity of 1.3 million parts in 80,000 different codes, we are currently stocking 930,000 parts in 60,000 codes making this the largest parts center in the machine tool industry.

The parts center was established with the aim of providing a global, 24 hour parts supply operation. Our target is 98% shipment within one day domestically and two days for international use

Fujinomiya Plant

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