Technology Bend Basic


  • Beginners in the field of sheet metal processing / bending Technology
  • Future operator of a press brake

Purpose of the training:

  • Basic knowledge of bending technology
  • Calculation of blank and incipient crack
  • Selection of the correct tool combinations
  • Determine bending orders


  • German or english language
  • Technical basic knowledge
  • Basic knowledge of sheet metal processing
  • Spatial thinking
  • Reading of technical drawings


  • Sheet metal types and formats dependencies of material thickness, material length, material strength & the rolling direction
  • Physical processes and procedures during bending
  • Bending modes: air bending, stamping
  • Rebound during bending
  • Stretched length determination
  • Press force calculation

No. of attendees

  • Max. 2-6 attendees
Training duration Training location Training costs
2 Days AMADA School in Haan Price on request


Book this course directly in conjunction with the training Technology and Application Bend Basic.

From trainee to bring

  • Safety shoes (with steel bar) and appropriate work clothes