Bending Technology

HD ATC -> Press brake with automatic tool changer

The HD ATC is the first conventionally operated press brake with automatic tool changer. The nine controlled axis, 1,000 kN press force and 3,000 mm bending length allow the HD ATC to be fully productive while other machines are still in setup.

The machines of the HD series are offered in combination with a wide range of accessories. For optimum bending results, AMADA also provides tools and perfectly matched, user-friendly software.

Additionally available accessories include bending aids, a variable back stop function (delta X) and a choice between two angle-measuring systems. A newly developed, highly efficient clamp design ensures high quality bending results over the entire length of the machine. The machine controls the system settings, which are calculated as a function of thickness, length and position of the workpiece on the ram.

Press brake with automatic tool changer - AMADA HD-1003 ATC

AutoToolChanger: ATC for high precision

The HD ATC‘s mission is to be productive with press-brake work instead of elaborate setups. In comparison to a manual setup, the AMADA AutoToolChanger only needs a fraction of the time. The HD ATC press brake makes a compelling case with reduced setup times and increased accuracy. Once programmed, the correct tools are positioned at the correct time, at exactly the right location, down a tenth of a millimeter.

The software prevents collisions. Manipulators set up the tools according to the task from various tool magazines in the ATC. This permits profitable bending operations in small lot sizes.

Added value in detail

Motor-operated foot pedal positioning

  • Automated positioning at the tool station
  • Saves time - light-guard for safety
  • Light-guard for safety


Back gauge for accuracy

  • With Delta-X function
  • Simplifies accurate gauging for complex parts as well
  • +/- 0.01 mm X-axis repeatability
Safety laser system - AKAS III
Press brake safety laser system - AKAS III - AMADA HD ATC

Safety included

Safety door

  • Protection from moving parts during the setup process
  • Convenient handling
  • Closed during the setup process


  • Safety laser system
  • Reliable system technology
  • Fast and safe operation


This product is no longer available and has been replaced by: