Hygiene regulations

Covid-19 hygiene regulations for the German locations of Amada GmbH

Amada GmbH attaches great importance to compliance with all Covid-19 protective measures in order to protect all visitors and employees in the best possible way.

We therefore ask you to observe the following protective measures in any case during your stay at the SOLUTION Center Haan, the Technical Center Landshut or the Reutlingen branch office:

Please always wear a face mask inside the buildings

Please disinfect/wash your hands regularly

Please keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters to other persons

Please do not use the welcoming handshake

Please use the elevator only individually

Please help to protect yourself and your contacts!

Note: During the SOLUTION (02.11. -11.12.2020) in Haan, the body temperature of every visitor will be measured as an additional protective measure. This is done contactlessly when you enter the building. Should your body temperature determined exceed 37.5°C, we ask for your understanding that we will have to refuse entry.