The 29th award

The 29th Ceremony

The 29th Precision Sheet Metal Technology Fair award ceremony held at Amada FORUM246 in Isehara city, Kanagawa Prefecture, March 4 2017.

The total number of entries were 267. And overseas participation of entries were of 93 from 15nations, record high number. The awards were the "Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW) Award", the "Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) Award", "Japan Vocational Ability Development Association Chairman's Award", and "Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Award" for all categories. In addition, awards for excellent products in each category of "Sheet metal part", " Sheet metal Assemble part", "Welding fabrication", "Formative arts fabrication", and "Students participation" were presented.

The ceremony started off with greeting speeches by the Amada School chairman Mr. Sueoka, and the honorary guest Ms. Miyazaki of MHLW and Mr. Ashida of METI. General outline of this year's entries and the selection standards were explained by Mr. Kiuchi, the chairman of the judging committee, followed by announcements of each award, and reviews of significant product of each category.

After the commendation ceremony, participants moved to the hall of "Precision Sheet Metal Technology Fair", the opening place of the fair. And then social meeting was held at the venue. With exhibiting all the entered parts in the hall, sponsors and prizewinners greeted and communicated each other. And then the social meeting of the fair was closed with mild and harmony.