04.06. - 07.06.2019 - MACH-TOOL

AMADA invites to MACHTOOL to present new technologies and provide support.

Amada invites you to visit Machtool to present new technologies and provide support. Offering dedicated solutions to increase production efficiency and being a true business partner are our commitments based on knowledge and experience. 

Visit AMADA at Machtool in PoznaƄ - Hall number 5, booth number 5.

This year we will present:

HG-1003 ATC

The HG ATC series developed by AMADA is the ideal solution for the production of variable batch sizes with complex tool layouts. The Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) can set up even the most complex tool system in three minutes, allowing inexperienced operators to make efficient use of the machine.

Other standard HG ATC functions:

  • AMNC 3i - modern touch control panel
  • Integrated bending angle sensor provides process accuracy and repeatability
  • Servo/hydraulic drive system consumes less electricity than conventional press brakes
  • Quick tool setting
  • Four independent tool manipulators
  • Automatic and safe tool clamping with hydraulic clamps - Inverted tool orientation possible


The ENSIS-AJ series machines significantly increase the cutting capacity by using 3kW, 6kW and 9kW oscillators. Versions 6kW and 9kW introduce unrivalled AMADA automatic collimation system to provide control of the focus of the beam, which, together with AMADA beam control technology, allows for very fast piercing, fast cutting and much better perpendicularity of the surface cut on thicker materials.

The use of a single lens for the entire range of materials and thicknesses reduces configuration

and avoids potential errors, resulting in higher productivity and therefore higher profitability. The high performance automatic nozzle changer system, simplicity as well as the intuitive AMNC 3i control panel allow for much faster machine setup.