IoT concept V-factory

AMADAS Industry 4.0 concept with production monitoring and interactive support

Production at a glance -  simple, clear, at any time

With the new holistic concept of the intelligent "V-factory", AMADA focuses on the customer's needs to optimally utilize his production capacity while always maintaining an overview. It is essential not only to observe the factory environment at a glance, but also to be able to react immediately in an emergency. Time is money, as the say.

Background to the development of V-factory

In times of constant change, a producer must truly be able to adapt to many risk factors. Varying lot sizes and growing customer demands in regard to the complexity of components, a shortage of skilled workers and technical experts, as well as the demand for short throughput and delivery times are a real challenge to any entrepreneur . AMADA's V-factory concept offers practical solutions to counter bottlenecks and downtimes in advance. 

The foundation of success: Efficient machine monitoring and interactive customer service

V-factory displays the production environment on a single interface. The customer can quickly and easily read the machine status like the running and completed programs. V-factory informs about the exact running and set-up times, differentiating exactly between standby and downtimes. These and many other features, such as for production quantities, thus represent an ideal system for optimally designing productive processes.

The worst case is also taken care of, with a new AMADA service concept that takes effect in the case, when the customer is not aware of machine errors or potential dangers to his production process.  As incremental part of V-factory, the AMADA IoT support provides fast and reliable assistance with maintenance issues. Depending on the customer's wishes, the support either switches on automatically in the event of warning messages or otherwise, reacts only after the customer decided to establish the contact by himself. In this way, many service calls can be avoided in advance, while at the same time the customer's data security is guaranteed.  Another useful feature is certainly the remote service, which is popular with AMADA customers and has already made remote maintenance possible in the past. 

Customer friendliness and usability

In view of the different requirements of the individual customers, the V-factory system will be available in various booking models, which will also cover the monitoring of non-AMNC machines. The system is basically open and can therefore also be used by users who have not yet hosted their production data in the AMADA cloud, for example. In this way, every customer who wants to make his production as innovative as possible can be picked up. Of course, the system can best be used with the AMADA AMNC3i control and the intelligent VPSS3i Software Solutions Pack.  With this software package, virtual prototype simulation in particular is of inestimable value for the paver, as errors can be avoided before they occur.