Laser Technology

Productivity not power

Do you predominantly cut thinner material, but still have the occasional need for up to 20/25 mm Mild Steel? If so, the Amada ENSIS-AJ 3kW could be the ideal solution for you. Using Amada's original Variable Beam Control technology, flexibility is the key, high speed piercing, fast cutting and low running costs all with a single lens!

Vergleich der ENSIS 3kW, 6kW und 9kW

Teilevergleich (2mm Baustahl) der ENSIS Faserlaser 3kW, 6kW und 9kW nach 10 Minuten

3kW = 29 Stck
6kW = 30 Stck
9kW = 31 Stck

Variable Beam Control

Did you know with ENSIS technology, we can modify the mode of the laser beam based on the material thickness?  Guaranteeing an outstanding performance whilst using a single lens for all materials and thicknesses.

Air Cutting

Did you know that compressed air cutting is available on all Amada fibre lasers, including the ENSIS-AJ 3kW?  To keep costs to a minimum, Amada fibre lasers allow you to process many materials with standard compressed air, with assist gas costs being zero.

Nozzle Changer

Did you know the ENSIS-AJ 3kW comes with an automatic nozzle changer to ensure fully automatic operation, it is equipped with a 16 or 8 (depending on machine specification) station nozzle change system which includes a nozzle cleaning and head calibration unit.