Laser Technology

Processing thin to medium thick materials with high speed and high productivity

The New standard in laser cutting machines

Amada, a worldwide laser machine pioneer, has developed a new highly tuned, direct drive laser cutting machine, the LCG-3015. This laser cutting machine delivers higher speed and faster acceleration processing by utilizing a carriage with a lower centre of gravity and the latest motion system incorporating high torque motors and helical rack drives. The LCG-3015 laser cutting machine enhances processing speeds and productivity in the thin to medium thick material range.

High Speed Processing Of Thin To Medium Thick Materials

1) Lightweight Y-axis carriage

Higher speed is achieved by a 30% reduction in mass of the Y-axis
carriage compared with a conventional laser cutting machine.

2) Carriage with a low centre of gravity

The Y-axis carriage has a low centre of gravity due to a Z-axis height of 100mm, allowing high speed processing of thin materials.

3) High torque motors and helical rack drive

The latest motion system incorporating high torque motors and a helical rack drive is utilized to ensure high speed, smooth acceleration.

High Quality and Stable Processing

The new, Amada tuned, 3.5kW oscillator utilized in the LCG-3015 laser cutting machine has been designed with a higher beam density for the processing of thin to mid-thickness materials. This 30% improvement in beam density (compared to a conventional laser cutting machines) also improves the surface roughness of cut parts.

Power & Maintenance - Saving Functions

1) Multiple power reduction modes while idling

The LCG-3015 laser cutting machine is equipped as standard with a system to dramatically reduce the power required in 2 stages when the machine is at idle.

2) Reduced servicing

The interval of mirror cleans and changes have been doubled through the use of long life optics.

HS Capacitance Head

In order to ensure reliable processing, the LCG-3015 laser cutting machine is equipped with Amada's latest HS capacitance sensing laser cutting head. This smoothly and quickly follows the sheet profile tomaintain a consistent cut even when the sheet is not 100% flat.

‘One Touch’ Lens and Nozzle Exchange

To allow faster machine setup, the cutting head on the LCG-3015 is equipped with simple, quick change lens and nozzle cartridges.

As standard, the LCG-3015 is supplied with 2 cutting lenses. The 5 inch lens is used for thin sheet cutting, while the 7.5 inch lens is used for thicker materials. The 7.5 inch lens can be used to cut the entire material range if required.

Oil Shot

Before piercing a mid thick material, oil is sprayed on the material to prevent spatter buildup, thus improving processing quality and achieve stable cutting with the laser machine.

NC Auto Focus Control System and Active Cut

The optimum focal point is automatically set from the cutting database to suit each material. The curvature of the mirrors is altered to keep aconstant focus, ensuring optimum laser beam quality and reduced assist gas costs.


The OVS IV system measures the pitch of two readout holes and automatically compensates for the process origin deviation from the laser machine controler for combination process of program and Laser. The pitch and circularity of the cut holes are measured. When the measured values fall outside the specified limits, an alarm condition appears on NC.

Bar Code Reader

The LCG-3015 laser machine can be equipped with a bar code reader to allow reliable recall of programming data on the shop floor. By scanning the setup sheet from the Dr. ABE Blank CAM software, the laser machine operator ensures the correct, latest version of the NC program is loaded into the laser machine control.

Network Diagram

Amada has developed the VPSS (Virtual Prototype Simulation System) digital manufacturing solution to ensure the seamless flow of production data between the programming office and the shop floor. Amada’s CAD/CAM systems are directly linked to the machines via the SDD database across the computer network. This solution ensures reduced programmingtimes and increased productivity.