Press Technology

By developing the SDE press machines, AMADA has taken a decisive step toward combining several work processes, such as blanking, fine blanking, deep drawing, coining etc., into one machine. Furthermore, the efficient energy management of the SDE press not only saves energy resources, but can also save several thousand Euros per year. The productivity, level of utilization and efficiency of the new system are currently in a league of their own.

The oil-free, highly dynamic and high-torque servo electric drives are the key to compelling efficiency, higher flexibility and increased benefits. Energy is only supplied when the machine is actually at work. The innovative drive concept buffers the energy generated while braking the drive and uses this energy when accelerating again. Adjustable speeds reduce tool wear. Tool edge service life is extended two to four fold.

SDE press machine with innovative drive concept

Complicated workpieces that were previously difficult to produce or could not be produced cost-effectively, are astonishingly simple to produce with the SDE. Various sizes (800 to 3000 kN) enable an extremely wide operational spectrum. Minimal service and maintenance efforts ensure low operational costs.

The SDE lifting process is freely programmable. Speed adjustments are possible in a split second and the maximum power transfer is available in its entirety at a lifting speed of almost zero. This provides optimum levels of control, especially during setup.

SDE controller
SDE programmable motion sequences
SDE interface

Faster processing is possible in comparison to conventional systems. Freely-programmable motion sequences allow deep drawing to be pushed to its limits. Even difficult materials are suitable. Lower energy consumption than conventional systems.