Punch-Laser Combination

Combination machine for extremely efficient production

AMADA has succeeded in developing an integrated LC-2515 C1 AJ sheet-metal machine, a combination of laser cutting and punching technology. AMADA’s inhouse AJ fiber laser is used in order to achieve a perfect interaction between machine, controller and resonator.

With the use of fiber laser technology in the AMADA LC-2515 C1 AJ sheet metal combination machine, it is the significantly higher cutting speed and reduced energy requirement, in particular, that help bring about considerable cost savings compared to conventional systems. What is more, it is now also possible to machine difficult-to-cut materials such as copper or brass. The laser machines the sheets fully automatically. The use of non-contact sensor technology ensures that the laser beam remains focused on the sheet, thereby guaranteeing high-quality and, most importantly, reliable cutting operations. Increased process reliability is possible thanks to a gap near the laser axis which allows cutting gas and slag to escape and ensures that machining can be performed without splashbacks.

Low personnel requirements

The punch-fibrelaser-machine C1 AJ is capable of manufacturing over long periods without interruptions to the process with little supervision. The installed multifunction turret with its four thread tapping stations is not only remarkable for its high tool capacity but also permits rapid tooling times and flexible production. The lifting brush table around the turret ensures the scratch-free, non-abrasive machining of the materials and eliminates the need for retouching work. By raising the level of the table, it is possible to prevent downward forms, in particular, from colliding with the die and thereby ensure trouble-free workpiece movement.