Punching Technology

Innovative technology for the standard segment

The AE-NT punching machine combine all the advantages of the servo-electric drive concept and, in particular, the low power consumption it provides. They are also remarkable for their space-saving design.

AMADA AE punching machine workclamps
AMADA AE punching machine brushtable

The use of a servo-electrically driven reduces power consumption by more than 50 percent compared to an equivalent hydraulic punching machine. Despite the stroke speed, which has been increased once again compared to the punching machine AC series, power consumption is only 3.5 kW. At the same time, maintenance and spare part costs are reduced because the punching machine drive system has considerably fewer components than a hydraulic punching machine system. The small footprint also contributes to the punching machine’s economic efficiency since production space is always a source of expense.

AMADA AC downholder