Punching Technology

Hydraulic servo drive (RDV)

  • 3,000 min-1 {spm) Marking System (at the time of 0.5 mm stroke)
  • Hit rate (X axis) 1,000 min-1{hpm} (2 mm stroke and 2 mm pitch)

High speed x/y table

  • Enhanced speed of table movement 100 m/min on X axis and 80 m/min on Y axis.
  • Movement on X axis: 2,500 mm (compared with 2,000 mm of our conventional models) 2,500mm long sheet processing without repositioning. Elimination of even minute deflections of sheets due torepositioning also contributes to high-precision processing.

Utillization improvement

The 45 Station (4AI) and Z Turret (of whichthe upper and lower diameters are different).


  • Setups for tool changes are reduced by the Z Turret. The 58 Station 4AI (with a turret of which the upper andlower diameters are the same at ∅ 1,200) is available.


  • High-speed and high-precision forming by new P&F (Punch & Forming)
  • Air-jet vacuum mechanism
  • 500mm square work-chute
  • 8-station mUlti-tap unit
  • Clamp positioner