Flatbed laser cutting and integrated tube and profile processing unit

The ENSIS-3015 RI combines several advanced technologies in just one machine. The versatile laser cutting system enables the cutting of thin and thick sheet metal of the most diverse types of material at maximum working speeds and is at the same time maximally flexible during cutting due to the variable beam control . Moreover, the tube and profile cutting unit offers users the opportunity to cover a significantly larger product spectrum without the need for an additional special machine. The high speed and enormous bandwidth of the machine therefore often makes the use of several machines unnecessary.

Laser power (W)3000
Machine typeFiber laser cutting machine
Working range X x Y (mm)3070 x 1550
Working range Z-axis (mm)200
Repeatable positioning accuracy (mm)± 0.01
Table loading weight (kg)920
Drive systemHelical rack and pinion

Rotary Index Specifications:
Round tube Ø (mm)19 - 220
Square tube diameter (mm)19 - 150
Rectangular tube across diagonals (mm)220
Channel profile (mm)19 - 150
Angle profile (mm)19 - 150
Maximum tube weight (kg)200.0000
Maximum tube length (mm)6000
Tube / profile wall thickness (mm)1 - 8
Angle / Channel wall thickness (mm)1 - 12

Material thickness (max.)*:
- Mild steel (mm)25
- Stainless steel (mm)15
- Aluminium (mm)12
- Brass (mm)8
- Copper (mm)6

Length (mm)*12505
Width (mm)2915
Height (mm)2532
Weight (kg)15000