Complete solution for the processing of large components and thick material

Based on the success of the HFE series, the HFE3i High Tonnage has been designed to meet the the process requirements when bending heavy, large components and thick material. The high rigidity frame, accurate crowning system, tailor-made back gauge and equipment specifically designed for high tonnage applications ensure the highest efficiency of the bending process in this manufacturing sector.

Press capacity (kN)4000
Press beam length (mm)5020
Distance between frames (mm)4150
Stroke (mm)350
Open height without holder (mm)620
Throat depth (mm)420
Working height (mm)960
Bending speed (mm/sec)10
Approach speed (mm/sec)100
Return speed (mm/sec)100

Length (mm)6490
Width (mm)3277
Height (mm)3685
Weight (kg)33500