Shearing Technology
GP - Serie
GP - Serie

High performance hydraulic shears

Due to the fact that almost all sheet metal fabrication starts at the shear, it is of paramount importance that this machine be capable of producing quality sheared parts, at an acceptable rate of production. These were the criteria which guided Amada - Promecam engineers through the conception, design and construction of the new GP series hydraulic shears.

Notice the rigid, low profile frame, the unique roller guide system, the rapid knife clearance adjustment mechanism. These features are provided so that you, our client, can be assured of production oriented, precision shearing for your operation.

GPX CNC-Control,save the cutting lengths and adjusts the cutting angle and blade automatically
GPN NC controlled backgauge
GPS semiautomatic backgauge

Shearing clean and square

The guiding system for the upperbeam A, consists of a 3 point roller bearing assembly B, C and D.

The main guide roller B is mounted on the cutting plane to maximize resistance against lateral cutting forces.

A pre-load on roller guide C ensures zero clearance contact of the upper beam A with roller guide B.

The third guide roller of the 3 point system, guide roller D, is situated vertically below, and at maximum distance from B to provide the utmost stability to the assembly.

This design provides for adependable guide system, onewhich, by its simplicity, ensures trouble-free operation and minimal maintenance.

Precise scribed line shearing

The optical system placed in the front permits the operator to align perfectly the scribed line with the cutting edge of the upper blade.
With the above system, the operator is assured to have the desired cut without taking into account the blade clearance.

Simple blade removal

The side frame is designed for easy lateral extraction of the blades if needed. In certain conditions it could make life easier for the maintenance people.

Shearing machine blade removal
Shearing machine blade removal
Work table
Hydraulic shears work table

Drop work table

The design of the front table is such that it gives free access to hold the sheets on the table, i.e. the support rollers provide the space between the sheet and the table.

Swing away control unit

All the necessary functional pushbuttons required are groupedtogether and mounted as unit on anarticulated support arm.The arrangement provides an easyaccess to the control unit in everypossible condition of utilisation evenwhen there is a large sheet on themachine table.Also the digital display gives a veryclear view of different displayedelements.

Control unit
Control unit

Control unit

The high level of performance and the simplicity of use are the basic features of AMADA - PROMECAM shears.

hydraulic shears controller


This section contains start. stop, and emergency stop push buttons and maintenance indicator.

hydraulic shears functions


This section contains mode selector i.e. auto, semi-auto or manual, backgauge controls and settings.

hydraulic shears display


The basic function is to display backgauge position, cutting length and the desired number of cuts.


The GPN shears are equipped with a numerical backgauge of extreme, precision due to the use of a DC-servo-motor, lead screws with automatic back lash correction. The backgauge speed is 100 mm/s with a positioning accuracy of 1/10e mm and repeatability of 0,05 mm. For blanks larger than a metre in length, the backgauge will automaticaily swing away at the end of the stroke.



The knife clearance has to be set on each side of the machine by means of levers arms, easily accessible. To obtain the right knife clearance instantaneously the two lever arms should be positioned at the corresponding sheet thickness.


This machine is particulary destined for

  • Maintenance departements
  • Work shops with mass production. (In this case the option high speed is to be retained)
  • Small and medium sized work shops as well as new enterprises having a small investement budget.
  • Last but not least for its excellent price/quality, this machine could be retained in comparison to a used machine in certain cases Identical to the GPN shear, the difference lies in the backgauge.


The backgauge is motorized and has a stroke of 1 metre. The speed is 30 mm/sec. By simply pressing the approprirate push button on the control panel the operator can move the backgauge to the desired position as indicated on the digital lead-out.

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