The available tooling heights.
The available tooling heights of 90 mm & 120 mm at angles of 30 °, 86 ° & 90 °

Our tool system "One Stroke" minimizes programming, setup and adjustment times for tools to increase productivity and profitability for small lot sizes.
The concept provides for unlimited station options without regard to the V-opening widths. It ensures quick programming, fast and reliable bending sequences and tool handling.

To increase flexibility, stamps are available in heights of 90 mm & 120 mm at angles of 30 °, 86 ° & 90 °. Tools are available in lengths of 415 mm, 760 mm & 835 mm. All top tools are hardened, while the lower tools are coated with AMANIT ®.
The use of smaller V-dies in the single-station permits shorter legs to be bent.

1V die30°V1060.0 mm700 kN/m
1V die30°V1074.7 mm600 kN/m
1V die60°V1060.0 mm550 kN/m
1V die86°V1060.0 mm1000 kN/m
1V die86°V1063.4 mm1000 kN/m
1V die88°V1035.0 mm320 kN/m
1V die88°V1060.0 mm1000 kN/m
1V die90°V1060.0 mm1000 kN/m
1V die80°V10095.0 mm1000 kN/m
1V die30°V1260.0 mm800 kN/m
1V die30°V1278.5 mm700 kN/m
1V die60°V1260.0 mm550 kN/m
1V die86°V1260.0 mm1000 kN/m
1V die86°V1264.4 mm1000 kN/m
1V die88°V1235.0 mm320 kN/m
1V die88°V1260.0 mm1000 kN/m
1V die90°V1260.0 mm1000 kN/m
1V die80°V125103.0 mm1000 kN/m
1V die86°V1460.0 mm1000 kN/m
1V die88°V1460.0 mm1000 kN/m
1V die30°V1660.0 mm600 kN/m
1V die60°V1660.0 mm650 kN/m
1V die86°V1660.0 mm1000 kN/m
1V die86°V1666.6 mm1000 kN/m
1V die88°V1660.0 mm1000 kN/m
1V die80°V160130.0 mm1000 kN/m
1V die30°V1860.0 mm1000 kN/m
1V die86°V1860.0 mm1000 kN/m
1V die88°V1860.0 mm1000 kN/m
1V die30°V2080.0 mm600 kN/m
1V die60°V2060.0 mm850 kN/m
1V die86°V2060.0 mm1000 kN/m
1V die86°V2068.7 mm1000 kN/m
1V die88°V2060.0 mm1000 kN/m
1V die30°V2565.0 mm1000 kN/m
1V die30°V2580.0 mm600 kN/m
1V die60°V2560.0 mm850 kN/m
1V die86°V2560.0 mm1000 kN/m
1V die86°V2571.4 mm1000 kN/m
1V die88°V2560.0 mm1000 kN/m
1V die45°V3260.0 mm1000 kN/m
1V die45°V3280.0 mm1000 kN/m
1V die70°V3260.0 mm500 kN/m
1V die84°V3260.0 mm1000 kN/m
1V die85°V3260.0 mm1000 kN/m
1V die86°V460.0 mm750 kN/m
1V die86°V460.1 mm750 kN/m
1V die88°V460.0 mm750 kN/m
1V die90°V435.0 mm320 kN/m
1V die90°V460.0 mm750 kN/m
1V die45°V4080.0 mm1000 kN/m
1V die45°V4080.0 mm700 kN/m
1V die70°V4070.0 mm500 kN/m
1V die84°V4060.0 mm1000 kN/m
1V die85°V4060.0 mm1000 kN/m
1V die70°V5075.0 mm500 kN/m
1V die85°V5060.0 mm1000 kN/m
1V die30°V660.0 mm500 kN/m
1V die30°V667.3 mm400 kN/m
1V die60°V660.0 mm380 kN/m
1V die86°V660.0 mm800 kN/m
1V die86°V661.2 mm800 kN/m
1V die88°V660.0 mm800 kN/m
1V die90°V635.0 mm320 kN/m
1V die90°V660.0 mm800 kN/m
1V die60°V6385.0 mm1000 kN/m
1V die85°V6375.0 mm1000 kN/m
1V die30°V860.0 mm600 kN/m
1V die30°V871.0 mm500 kN/m
1V die60°V860.0 mm450 kN/m
1V die86°V860.0 mm900 kN/m
1V die86°V862.3 mm900 kN/m
1V die88°V835.0 mm320 kN/m
1V die88°V860.0 mm900 kN/m
1V die90°V860.0 mm900 kN/m
1V die60°V80100.0 mm1000 kN/m
1V die85°V8080.0 mm1000 kN/m
2V die88°V1246.0 mm1000 kN/m
2V die88°V1446.0 mm1000 kN/m
2V die60°V1646.0 mm600 kN/m
2V die88°V1646.0 mm1000 kN/m
2V die88°V445.5 mm600 kN/m
2V die90°V446.0 mm600 kN/m
2V die88°V545.5 mm650 kN/m
2V die90°V546.0 mm650 kN/m
2V die30°V646.0 mm260 kN/m
2V die60°V646.0 mm600 kN/m
2V die88°V645.5 mm700 kN/m
2V die90°V646.0 mm700 kN/m
2V die30°V838.0 mm400 kN/m
2V die60°V846.0 mm600 kN/m
2V die88°V845.5 mm700 kN/m
2V die90°V846.0 mm700 kN/m
3U Die90°V 660 mm1000 kN/m

Tooling lenght
All available tooling lenght of AMADA ONE STROKE press brake bending tools