Multi-radius bending tool

One tool for 9 diffetent radius, save time and money

The multi-radius bending tool CR-30 provides more flexibility, low tool change times and low tool costs. The new polycarbonate used one hand secures best bending results and prevents the other hand, material damage to the workpiece.

Radiustool CR-30 & Polycarbonate die

High accuracy and good sliding properties

The CR-30 performed 9 types of radius between 10 - 30 mm. Each radius is easily identified by a different colour.
The choices are: R10, R12,5, R15, R17,5, R20, R22,5, R25, R27,5, R30.
The polycarbonate material minimizes marring during the bending operation.

Radius Punch - CR-30 (Colour-Multi-Radius)

Radius Punch - CR-30 (Colour-Multi-Radius)Radius tool,Radius Punch,CR-30,DX730001,6HCR30L,DX730002,6HCR30S,DX730801,6HCR30SECT,0°,not hardened,STANDARD
TypeRadius tool CR-30
TypeRadius Punch
Height103.00 mm
Width60.00 mm

Only on request

 LengthOrder number Weight
Long835 mmDX7300016H CR30L13.00 kg
Short415 mmDX7300026H CR30S6.40 kg
Sectionalized835 mmDX7308016H CR30SECT13.00 kg

Sectional lenght:

25 , 40, 50, 100, 120, 200 & 300 mm