Wing Bend Tools

Mark-free bending with winged surfaces

Bending tools with with winged surfaces
Bending tools with with winged surfaces

The bending die with winged surfaces allows mark-free bending because the sheet is not drawn through the die. The pivoting wing-surfaces can be used to bend short legs without deformation that may occur at penetrations near the edge line. Wing bending dies are available for sheet thicknesses of 0.5 to 6.0 mm and tool lengths of 50, 100 and 200 mm.

Tool WB120
Wing Bend Tool,Tool,WB120,30120A,6I30120A,30120B,6I30120B,30120C,6I30120C,30120D,6l30120D,0°,WING-BEND

Tool90.00 mm12.00 mm
Receiving rail 08630
Wing Bend Tool,Receiving rail,08630,086301,6I086301,086002,6I086302,0°,WING-BEND

Receiving rail10.00 mm58.00 mm
Tool WB230
Wing Bend Tool,Tool,WB230,30230A,6I30230A,30230B,6I30230B,30230C,6I30230C,30230D,6l30230D,0°,WING-BEND

Tool90.00 mm22.00 mm
Tool WB650
Wing Bend Tool,Tool,WB650,30650A,6I30650A,30650B,6I30650B,30650C,6I30650C,0°,WING-BEND

Tool100.00 mm100.00 mm
Wing Bend Tool,938000,938000,6l938000,0°,WING-BEND

0.00 mm0.00 mm
Tool WB350
Wing Bend Tool,Tool,WB350,30350A,6l30350A,30350B,6l30350B,30350C,6l30350C,0°,WING-BEND

Tool90.00 mm35.00 mm
Spacer 08610
Wing Bend Tool,Spacer,08610,086101,6I086101,086102,6I086102,0°,Table spacer,WING-BEND

Spacer20.00 mm60.00 mm