V-Cut Tool

V-Cut Tool

High level of Design with Fine edge Bend R

Normal bend R
Fine edge R

Big size Press brake is necessary for Hemming

High Power is required for Hemming. The tip of the hemming is swell up

V-Cut process
Acute bend

Hemming load is only 1/3 by V-Cut

Example hemming bend with 1.5 mm stainless steel 

Load 950 kN/m ~ Height 3.23 mm
Load 300 kN/m ~ Height 2.96 mm

Effective for hole deformation and shorter flange

Normal bending = Deformation into the holes
With V-Cut = No hole deformation
1.5mm stainless steel = 7mm flange length
1.5mm stainless steel = 4mm flange length

Slide guide at Blank Process

V-Cut process information