Punch  - laser combination APELIO III

The ultimate punch laser machine

The Amada APELIO lll 251O V punch-laser machine is the ultimate sheet metal working machine. Combining the productivity of the world's fastest Turret Punch Press with the flexibility of a Laser, the APELIO punch-laser machine is the ideal machine for both high volume and small batch production. The foundations of the APELIO punch-laser machine are the legendary Bridge Frame construction for ultimate rigidity and Laser Hardened turret as found on more than 25,000 APELIO punching machines installed worldwide. Utilising the 31 station, Multi-Track turret with a standard tool set up in conjunction with laserprocessing for special shapes, set up time is Virtually eliminated.

The APELIO punch-laser machine incorporates the unique intelligent hydraulic ram system PHNC. This system ensures that the optimum ram cycle is used for punching, forming, nibbling, slitting and marking. A dual flow hydraulic ram provides hit rates in excess of 1000 HPM while still delivering a full 20 tonne punching force for thick material. To enhance the forming capability, the gap between the upper and lower turret is increased to 30 mm.

Machine Bridge Frame

In addition to the Bridge Frame for reducing vibration, the Apelio lll 2510V punch-laser machine incorporates an air cushion system to isolate the laser optics from punching vibration. This system ensures accuracy and eliminates the need for frequent optical alignment. Standard features of the laser area 900 condition cutting database, Clean / Aluminium cut technology and a self calibrating non-contact head for scratch free processing.

High Speed Punching

  • Over 1000 HPM and 410 HPM on 25 mm pitch provided by unique intelligent servecontrolled hydraulic ram
  • High speed table positioning of up to 128 m/min.

High Quality Forming

  • Variable dwell time and position at the bottom of the stroke provides high quality, press brake like forming
  • Progressive forms, flanges and embossing eliminate secondary processing

High capacity cutting

  • Up to 140 holes/minute on thin materials
  • Power option for cutting up to 12 mm steel
  • Assist gas Pressure up to 25 kgf/cm2
  • Digitally controlled shutter for instantaneous piercing

Powerful Integrated Control

The Apelio series utilises the latest Fanuc 32 bit system. In addition to the axis control, program management, comprehensive status and diagnostic information, the system also includes Power Hydraulic Numerical Control (PHNC), Amada's unique hydraulic control system and a laser database with 900 proven cutting conditions. The control interface simplifies all operations while a PC compatible floppy drive is included for easy program loading.

With the PHNC system calculating the optimum punching cycle and pressure plus a laser database incorporating years of cutting experience, the Apelio control ensures optimum productivity.

3 Auto Index stations

  • Provide maximum flexibility by simplifying tooling inventories and reducingset-up times
  • 360° Rotation of 3 tools for the manufacturing of any parts
  • Minimum rotation increment of 0.01°.


The operation of the Apelio machine utilises the shortest punch stroke to achieve the highest hit rate. This is complimented by the VIPROS Tool that keeps the punch and guide faces equal (A) to give maximum productivity, which remains unaffected even by regrinding:

  • Ultimate hit rate performance
  • Easy height adjustment
  • Low cost upgrade
  • Compatible with existing tools

Retrofittable load/unload

To compliment the unrivalled productivity of the APELIO-2510 V, Amada offers a complete range of modular automation products. From simple load/unload and part picking units to full lights out FMS, Amada has a system to match every customers needs.

All APELIO III machines are automation ready.