The original Amada fiber laser

The basis for the success and the pioneering fiber laser technology of Amada is the use of its own laser beam source. Only through this decision it was possible to take the big development steps that today enable AMADA customers to successfully operate in the market.

Fiber Laser - The energy marvel

Speaking of large lot sizes, it is all about power and economic efficiency, noteably in continuous operation. You need to rely on high flexibility due to your day and night operation? Our energy saving machines with high power density in fiber laser cutting allow reduced-manning operation at highest quality standards. In order to attain the greatest output and abilities, AMADA equips its machines since many years with its own developments in laser modules, suitable for the specific machine extension level. This is how energy loss can be prevented and efficiency be pushed to the max.  It is no coincidence that our precise laser cutting systems are leading in sheet metal processing. 

VENTIS-3015 AJ - Extremely fast, outstanding cutting quality

LBC is the next generation of fiber laser technologies for significantly higher speed and savings potential in cutting. Uncompromising stainless steel and aluminum cutting through an oscillating laser beam with the VENTIS-3015AJ. The different pendulum pattern of the laser beam not only enable a 2 to 3 times faster cutting rate compared to solid-state lasers of the same power, they also enable a smoother cutting surface and reduce burr formation to almost zero. These outstanding features are especially true for cutting stainless steel and aluminum.

ENSIS-3015 RI - Highest flexibility

The approach of the ENSIS-3015 RI lies in the flexible processing of flat sheet metal as well as tubes and profiles. Within 60 seconds you can switch from flatbed processing to tube and profile processing. Thanks to its variable beam control, it always has the right beam characteristics for every cutting task. The ENSIS-3015 RI 3kW is an all-in-one solution for variable processing.